Friday, January 8, 2010

Dress shopping

Well, faithful readers, no luck on the first try. I think I set my expectations too high. I kept hearing how once you find the dress you just KNOW and, maybe because I didn't find it, I didn't have that feeling. I tried on lots of types of dresses: fit & flare, a line, lace, silk taffeta, buttons, corsets, the works. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice my figure looked in a fit & flare gown. There was one that I liked and put on twice, but it had buttons on the back and a little too much rhinestone bling on the bust. The other that I really battled with was a couture gown. I'm not a super formal bride (no tuxes, among many other things), and I don't want a really formal dress. This dress, was more formal than I expected: strapless, corset back, three separate layers of lace. I kept it on the longest because I was so torn. Choosing a dress got HARDER the longer I was there!

In the end, I didn't leave with a dress. Nothing absolutely blew my mind. The first time I saw myself in a dress I looked in the mirror and laughed! I couldn't believe that this was my life. I didn't feel "bridal" per se, nor did I feel "beautiful." I felt odd, like I was having an out of body experience; I've never, until I met FH, considered myself "the marrying kind." It's a lot to change your mind about when you feel certain, for many years, that marriage isn't something you would choose. I was hoping having the gowns on would change my mind, transform me in some way, and that didn't happen. Again, a circumstance of too-high expectations. In the end, I felt disappointed that I hadn't felt differently, worried the very helpful and amiable saleswoman felt I wasted her time, but relieved to learn more about wedding dress shopping. Definitely not what I expected, but my next appointment on the 18th is one I'm really looking forward to -- they have numerous designers, all of which I LOVE! Happy weekend!


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